Thursday, 26 January 2012

Indian Republic Day and Kashmir...!

Indian Republic Day and Kashmir...!
26th January , 2012 , India's Republic Day! But what do Kashmiris think about it? Black day ! Worst day ! Curse day ! e.t.c ..... that's what Kashmiris think this day is.The question arises "WHY?" , "Why do Kashmiris think so?" !
Whenever some Indian resident or foreigner sees the 'Kashmiri Aggression' against India , he really does get confused =/ ! The image of kashmir , as they see it , is a really beautiful , peaceful and full of nature valley or a peaceful and beautiful part of India in fact because it's what media show'em! But what's there deep inside , do you know? Have you ever tried to know the reason of the deep aggression of Kashmiris against india?
Just go to Google and type , "Kashmiri Youth 2010" and see...!
What did you see? yes! bloodshed , massacre and dead-bodies of young people everywhere in the streets of Kashmir.
As you'd know that Youth is the best part of any nation , they are the people on which you can relay for the better future of your republic , state or country.They are possessive about their land and do not fear losing their lives for it!
Kashmiri Youth is of the same , they care for their land! they love their land! but whenever they roam in streets for peaceful protests against the illegal and inhumane occupation of Kashmir Valley by India , they are been given the tittle of "terrorists" and killed like insects or flies..!
As every action has a reaction , they come up with weapons to fight against the violence.Can you guess what those weapons are? No ! you guessed that wrong! No AK-47s , no guns , no pistols ...! they come up with STONES ! their best weapons!
Seeing their enthusiasm , bullets are fired right in their chests!
Hundreds of  Youngs gained martyrdom in 2010 and many are still losing their lives everyday....!
And thousands are lying in 'Mass Graves' ! I'm sorry , I'm so poor at Maths that I couldn't calculate the number of Mass Graves in Kashmir..!
And what about those who are still missing and their families have left living their own lives just to find them?
Do you still want the answer that why are Kashmiris so aggressive against India?
Do you still think that Kashmir is a part of India?
Can you still call India , the biggest democracy?
I can't..!
because I am a Kashmiri and 26th January , for me and for entire Kashmir Valley and Muslim Ummah , is a black day and for India , it's a big slap and question mark on their democracy.
So India keep on celebrating your Republic and democratic day but remember , you are a big source of Shame for democracy..! Free Kashmir!
May Dawn Of Freedom Come To Kashmir.


  1. After reading dis post i came 2 knw abut d fact,,,, being a kashmiri living away 4rm my country my thoughts abut kashmir waz like other people a peaceful,calm country but ur post made me embarrassed,,,I waz living in a dream wrld,,,But nw myself z asking question 4rm me when will v oll wake up? when will v feel d pain ov those people who lost their love one's during last 64yrs?,,,, dis post really made me cry i really appreciate ur dis tremendous effort,,,, but on d other hand i will say 2 those people who r living in kash n saying dat v love india, v r free, their z no violence n bala bala bala open ur eyes look those orphans who lost their fathers among them some r those who lost their mother n father both z dis ur freedom? z dis wat india z doing 4 making ur country peaceful? same on u all I request u all dis z time 2 do somethng 4 ur country...... I knw my wrds r nt enough 2 appreciate u but i tried my level best

    By Angel Eyex

  2. Jazkallah Khair for the compliment ,
    & yes I agree with you!