Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Elusiveness Of Hope

Every morning I get up, offer my prayer, get ready and leave for my school to begin a new day of my daily routine. On the way to school, I observe different phenomena taking place all around including the natural phenomenon of the rising of sun and physical phenomenon of beginning of all the business of life. Every morning, this hustle and bustle leaves me in a confused state. It confuses me, whether to be happy or grieved because it’s not as hopeful as it seems!
It pleases me so much when I see the red, purple and golden shades of sunlight appearing on the sky just as the sun emerges from behind high mountains. As the fresh cool breeze touches my face, it gives me strength and hope to start my day as an entirely new journey towards a destination of which neither I nor this innocent breeze knows! Just as I’m feeling the cool breeze and shaping my destination in my head, all of my imagination is shattered and disrupted because of the black smoke given out by a vehicle which just passed by mine. May be, it’s the reason why I’ve not known of my destination yet.
I try to cheer myself up a little and am so thankful to the cool street art pieces which help me so much in bettering my mood! I always love seeing those beautiful pieces of street and wall art with such precious messages hidden behind them. The amazing combination of colors makes my morning so colorful as a painter’s platter! But it all becomes as dark as a painter’s old apron when the vehicle takes a turn and I see the most precious pieces of art turned into an unworthy combination of colors by all those wall chocking that a group of spoiled youth did just for fun, the abuses sprayed all over the walls and the hatred spreading material. This might have seemed just an adventure to them but proves to be an art lover’s nightmare or of him who searches such patty reasons to smile in this world over whelmed by too many complexities!
When I reach my school gate and enter the school with my school bag and all the heavy folders in my hand, I could see disappointment in the eyes of the gatekeepers and peons. All the teachers who are too overwhelmed by the load of making some earning to get themselves bread and butter instead of really enjoying their duty. And the students, the dark circles around whose eyes presented their exact emotions .They seemed to be feeling like the animals that just came to school to unload all the knowledge they brought from home and load some new and unload it at home and repeat the process, loosing all their taste of it.
I’ve always prayed for a better world and have always wanted to present the picture of the world that’s hopeful and bright. I don’t know should I call it my pessimism or my inability to lie, I cannot talk about hope anymore because it seems to me as if I’m fooling myself and those whom I’m telling those hopeful stories to. Our air, our streets, our people and our institutes, all have become a source of disappointment for us, they’re all killing any of hope a person can develop.
But, as I close my eyes at night, I always know a day will come when I’ll be able to shape my destination without any thought of getting interrupted by a smoky vehicle or the cries of a beggar in any single portion of my brain and who knows to what good this destination leads me. I never know, it may be the next day!

(Published In Rising Kashmir - December, 2013)

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