Wednesday, 16 July 2014


How many of you followed the Football World Cup? Pretty entertaining it was, right? Yes indeed, Football is one of the most loved and watched sports of present.Football World Cup is the best treat a football fan can get.It returns after a long duration of four years and is longed by all football lovers.All around the world people are getting crazy about Germany wining the final against Argentina.Through out the Cup people had been betting, supporting and doing everything they could for their favorite team to win the Cup.

And indeed, there is no wrong is loving a sport or waiting eagerly for its world cup or even being a fan of the sport.But the problem arises, when the world turns blind in the love of FIFA World Cup and doesn't realize there's already another World Cup going on.Yes! Another World Cup! But, deliberately or not, the media, UNO and nearly everyone seems to have turned their backs towards it and it's hardly getting any coverage because of the Football craze going on.

Let me introduce you to ANOTHER WORLD CUP that's going on miles from Brazil.The World Cup is being held in the Gaza Strip of Palestine and the goals in this world cup are made by missiles instead of footballs.

Yes, there has been an Israel Vs Gaza Match for quiet a long now.The worst part is that the both opponents are no match because Israel seems much more in hold of the situation.By now, it's almost more than 197 to 0. Israeli bombs and missiles have killed about 197 innocent and defenseless Palestinians in 1400 air strikes with 220 houses destroyed leaving 850 injuries.

Israeli attacks in Palestine are nothing new.Nearly after every few years, a series of attacks bursts out in which hundreds of innocent Palestinians are martyred.Israel has  broken 65 UN Resolution so far yet the world doesn't even seem to give a fit to thousands of lives lost.That's the point where I call it a World Cup! Nearly all UNO countries have given Israel free hand to carry on the barbaric killings and they don't even bother themselves to give a condemnation statement.It's not just just Israel Vs Palestine, it's all those countries against Palestine who fund Israel to make weapons of mass destruction and a large part of this funds comes of America and Britain.

It's often seen that Israel takes the aid of some important and attention seeking event to carry on its barbarism behind the curtain of that event, just as FIFA World Cup.Stats show that Israel has been involved in Lebanon War almost at the time FIFA 2006 was held, Gaza Flotilla Raid - FIFA 2010 and now massive bombardment over Gaza during FIFA 2014.

Imagine sleeping at night and not knowing you'll wake up the next morning.Imagine going to market and doubting you'll ever return home alive.Imagine seeing a dead body every few hours.Imagine fasting the whole day and not knowing you'd be alive to hear the Maghrib Adhaan!That kid who’s leg got cut off could’ve been your son. That man who lost his eye could’ve been your father. That lady who is currently suffering from mental disorders could’ve been your mother. That young female who was burned to death could’ve been your wife.It is painful for us just to imagine this, imagine their pain who are going through it everyday

All I want people to deduce from it is that never take a human life for granted.Don't just sit idle saying you're used to it! Used to what? Your brothers and sisters crying for help and dying? Ask those you've lost their loved ones!
The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said that the life of a human is worth more than Ka'ba! And, thousands of such precious and innocent lives are been taken away by the Israeli beasts.It's the time, the Ummah needs to reunite! If not much, there's something each and every one of us can do : pray to Allah (SWT) for our Gazawi brother and sisters going through all this brutality in the Holly month of Ramadan and boycott Israeli products because they are ultimately funding the Gaza attacks and spilling Muslim blood.

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  1. Very right! You know...that writer was correct when he said...all farm animals are equal but some are more equal than others