Saturday, 2 August 2014

When Weakness Becomes Strength!

Are you going through the same thing? The food is made with all taste yet it seems tasteless.The day is full of sunshine still it all seems dark? The sun is warming the air but the environment is so cold and lifeless.The joys are still the same but the lips find it too hard to curl into a smile.The foreheads are just as they always were, only with more lines and furrowed brows.The eyes are more watery than before and on the verge of tears.All the facilities are just the right way that you wanted them to be, yet they're lacking that charm with in them.Festivals and occasions are coming and going but the hearts are still dissatisfied and heavy...

These are all, the symptoms of a weakness.A weakness that is causing pain and unrest in the hearts of all those who care.It is weakening all those hearts who beat for others irrespective of  religion, caste, creed, skin colour or anything.It's affecting all those who still care for the ones not cared about anymore.This weakness is called humanity.Humanity is a weakness, isn't it? Yes it is! I don't know what is your stand on it but I know that every bit of good is a weakness in the time overwhelmed by evil! It is a weakness because it's rare.How can you even imagine humanity flourishing in a world where you need to launch social media campaigns for hours and hold massive protests just to tell the people out there that those dying in Gaza and Palestine are no other-planetary-creatures but humans? Humanity is a weakness in a world where you constantly have to remind people that those who are dead or injured in a way that left them in a worse state than death, could've been their own loved ones! Humanity is indeed a weakness in a world taken over by brutality.

If you are suffering from this pain inside your heart, if you have this strong desire to help that child who just lost his father who went to market to buy his family food or that woman who's lost the only child she conceived after 24 years of marriage or that man who lost all those for whom he lived, you are really weak.A really weak human being you are then! Just because you have humanity deep in your heart - the biggest weakness of the present century, a century where you'll see humans everywhere but humanity hardly anywhere! You are a really weak person to have lit a candle within your heart and not  let darkness penetrate your insides.You are weak enough to not take the news of 100+ people dying in a day in Gaza as a boring casual news!

But you know what? It will not remain a weakness forever, humanity.No matter how weak you feel now, there will be a time when this weakness will overpower the evil of this world.I believe, as I have every right to do so, that a day will come when humanity will overcome people's lust of spilling blood.That day might be too far from today.That day might come after we're resting in our graves.But on that day, a person as weak as you will be remembered as the strongest man of history for possessing a heart full of humanity.

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