Sunday, 24 August 2014

What PEACE are you talking about?

Peace is the most common topic talked and written about, in this 21st century. Countless discussions are held every month all round the globe to give peace a chance and make people realize that disharmony is the main threat to human civilization today. Even I can talk for hours about the importance of peace and write bundles of papers about it. But, is it really what the world today needs? Are all the world peace problems going to be solved just by discussions and articles telling people that we need peace? Definitely No!
To solve any problem, the first key step is to find the root cause and study the problem from grass root level. Who and why is spreading disharmony and disrupting the world peace? Yes! it’s all those lunatic Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Chechans, Palestinians, Bosnians and Kashmiris who’ve got so worn out minds and lack of patience that they can’t bear any peace, right? My answer would definitely be YES, if I were not one of the above. But say it fortune or misfortune, I’m a Syrian, an Afghan, a Kashmiri, a Chechan and all those who you call ‘peace destroyers’ of today!
You tell me to keep calm. You advise me and lecture me everyday to make peace. You tell me I should become a source of peace for this world. Do you expect me to lose all my dignity and self-esteem and exhibit patience every time you shed my blood?
I’m a Syrian, you bomb my house and my buildings everyday killing and orphaning hundreds. When you are not satisfied with the amount of violence, you bury alive my people warning me not to ask for independence of expression again. But, I strive for my right. I protest for my right and as an extreme measure of warning, you throw all those chemical bombs on me. You break into my home at night and when I shout against the violence, you say such an enemy of peace I am. And you expect peace from me.
When I’m an Afghan, I get killed by NATO forces for no fault. But I still keep peace. I beg you not to kill my people, not to snatch away their dignities but you use heavy weapons on me and keep bombing and firing at me unless each part of my body is so damaged that it no more remains recognizable. Your drone bombs my lands and when I go and see the destruction, I see those militants you bombed, I find a mother who had been asleep holding tightly her small child and find both dead. I congratulate you and your drones, such ‘dangerous terrorists’ you killed!
When I take hold of AK47s to save my people’s lives and dignity from the armed men wandering through my streets and to protect my home from the attacks of machine guns, you say I don’t deserve peace because I can’t keep it!
I am a Kashmiri, who you define as a hurdle in the way of peace. You say I destroy peace. But why do you expect peace from me, when I’m in habit of seeing dead people before going to bed everyday? I see you breaking into my homes with my sisters and mothers inside. I come to streets to protest for my freedom of expression and every time I get shot. I still don’t violate peace. I ask for my rights in every possible peaceful manner I can but you keep treading upon me. I tell people to remain stick to their religion, I advise them to keep asking for their right of self-determination and freedom of expression and speech and you bomb my entire home saying I was destroying the peace. Why don’t you blame the armed forces seven of which surround a single Kashmiri, not giving him the right to even breathe by his own will?
I’m an Arab Palestinian, a Bosnian, a Chechan and an Iraqi. You (Israel, Serbia, Russia and America) are the world peace-keepers, right? So much peace you are creating that you deserve applause! I’m such a non-sense that I always complained about your bombing policies. The policies and rules which allow you to widow my sisters and mothers, to orphan my children, to make my old parents carry the coffins of their children at a time! Those policies acting upon which, you destroy hundreds of my homes in a second, leaving my people gasping for life. I’m such an idiot that I never knew that these were all your peace keeping policies! Indeed I am a destroyer of peace because I always shouted against your policies because that was only I could do.
So you want world peace. And you expect me to be the most important part of it. I can do nothing but laugh at your thought of expecting peace from me when you’ve snatched away everything from me. I wonder how do you expect flowers in response to bombs? Why do you want peace from me when you’ve destroyed all the peace I had? After seeing what the world peace-keepers are doing, people still search for the causes of unrest in the world. The only way this world can achieve peace is not by blaming the oppressed for the unrest but those who are actually a reason of it.

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